All NAIMAC sinks are built to the New Australian Food Standards, AS 4674 : 2004 and Food Safety Standard 3.2.3. We only manufacture in 304 1.5mm Stainless Steel and all our products are fully welded. NAIMAC have designed all oursinks to be vermin proof and they are fully sealed on the underside to prevent damage from water. All our sinks are built to take several hundred kilos of weight. NAIMAC can make custom designed sinks to accommodate difficult installations. NAIMAC have a range of inlet and outlet arrangements for dishwashers with sink fitted as a single or dual bowl arrangment. Sinks can be manufactured as a flat bench, or with standard wet edge lip or modified square lip. Splash backs can be a flat or have a thickness of 10 to 15 mm butchers style. NAIMAC have made a range of long benches with drop in sinks for hair dressers. NAIMAC have manufactured a range of 6 meter bench tops with sinks for bars for installation into shipping containers. The most difficult project was a 10.5 meter circular bar with sinks and ice buckets. We have even made miniature sinks 600 mm height for use by children use.

If you have a requirement for a sink that is not covered by the flat pack boys from china. We can make it for you.

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